Antioxidant Mask

ALPS Antioxidant Mask has been specifically designed to be applied in both dermocosmetic and dermatological fields. The effectiveness of this mask is given by the increased concentration of lipophilic antioxidants within the gel formulation.

The lipophilic antioxidants in fact are able to penetrate the double lipid layers that surround our cells, and allow to neutralize the peroxides and hydroxyls which are the by-products of oxidative stress reactions.

The Antioxidant Mask is indicated as an adjuvant in anti-acne, anti-aging and dermatitis treatments.


  • Cleanse thoroughly your face
  • Apply any cosmetic or therapeutic cream or serum
  • Remove the mask from its packaging and apply it with the gel side in contact with the face
  • Keep it in place for about 20 minutes
  • Reusable: apply daily for one month - washable with water and facial cleansers

Antioxidant activity