Masks Retainer

Alps Retainer is designed to ensure perfect fit to the face of ALPS masks as well as any other mask on the market.

The Retainer is heated and thermoformed directly on the face applying pressure where necessary.

In this way you will have a facial cast perfectly matching the user's physiognomy so that there will be no need to thermoform it again as the retainer can be reused for more than 30 applications.


  • Heat 1.5 liters of water using for example a teapot or an electric kettle
  • Remove the Retainer from its packaging and place it inside a container
  • Pour the hot water into the container and wait about 25 seconds
  • Cleanse thoroughly your face
  • Place the Retainer on the face and apply pressure for a perfect fit and keep it worn until it becomes solid again
  • The ALPS Retainer is therefore ready to be used in combination with other ALPS masks or with your favorite mask for a perfect fit
  • Reusable: form 1 time and use forever